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Another repost from @beigebuttonvintage ❤️ #victorianblouse

Repost via @modabeautynyc love this #victorianblouse look! 😍


Supporting the #MikeBrown #DontShoot Movement

My mom shot me a video on Facebook this week of Angela Simmons getting a texturizer! I watched it through and honestly didn’t really see a major difference in her hair. It may have been easier to style but it looked the same afterwards as it always looks. When I first went natural, we had a discussion in the #naturalhair community about #texturizers and I’ve always been under the impression that a texturizer is still a chemical and it’s really no different from getting a relaxer. Hair Color could be considered the same because it also is a chemical. Both alter the bonds inside the follicle, but heat does too. IT’S CONFUSING!!! What are your thoughts? My hair is 100% natural, no color or heat so far since my 2nd Big Chop (more on that in my Nappiversary video) so I wouldn’t want to add any more chemicals just because it ruined my hair before but I look forward to hearing your thoughts! :)

New video up! #update #youtube

Me & Mom! ❤️

#lastfridaynight *in my Katy Perry voice* 💖

#happyfriday y’all! #ootd coming in a #haul promise! 👌😘

I always forget to take #selfies before I go out but since I mentioned this in my latest #haul I thought I’d share! Who needs a back? 😍❤️😘