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I always forget to take #selfies before I go out but since I mentioned this in my latest #haul I thought I’d share! Who needs a back? 😍❀️😘

New Video Up Today! Check out my latest #beautyjournalism post! Link in the comments!

#curlynicki #refinery29 #naturalhair

#curlynicki #refinery29 #naturalhair

Here’s the link to the #Refinery29 article:

The Curly Nikki article has since been deleted but here’s a summary from #ClutchMagazine

What are your thoughts?

#croptop from @body_central from my next haul! check out my latest on my channel! link in the comments! πŸ’›β€οΈ #haul #fashion #beauty #beautybyyasmin #youtube #bodycentral #bodysuit #kardashian #style

My latest video is up! Check it out! #haul #fashion #beauty #beautybyyasmin #youtube #bodycentral #bodysuit #kardashian #style

So this year I made a pact with myself that I would be ALL ABOUT ME! Who better epitomizes that mentality than Kim Kardashian? People hate that about her, but I admire it. She lives the lifestyle she does because she loves HERSELF and people love to see that. So I started out with obtaining as much info as I could. I had to be knowledgeable about my subject, which was me. I built my self confidence, I read books. My favorite and one that stuck with me the most was one suggested by my boyfriend called “The Art of Golddigging” by Tariq Nasheed. It’s not as it sounds. Haha it’s basically a guide of behaviors that women should follow to maximize their worth. A good read if you wanna start on this path. Next I changed something I did everyday… Which was get dressed. This was easiest because I wear a work uniform most of the time so it was just small changes. I got up in time enough EVERY DAY, to do my makeup and hair. Which meant no late nights if I wanted to be well rested. I had to change how I was interacting with people, what I was doing, just for that small task. It’s a domino effect. Then on my off days, instead of staying in sweats all day, I got up, full makeup and hair, and I wear dresses now…. All the time. Even if I’m just running to Wal-Mart. It seems superficial, but it makes me feel good and it’s what I like to do. With that, I had to learn how to dress for my body type, what dresses look good, and what shoes look good as well. Here are a few things I’m loving this season:

Body Suits - and in store

Pencil Skirts - and in store

Jewelry to the Max - and in store

Perfume it Up - Clinique Happy Heart, Mitsuba Dillard’s or online

OMG Shoes - Shoe Carnival in store, and local beauty supply store

My lips look bigger every day! πŸ’‹πŸ’„ Wanna know my secret? #lippies #fulllips #milanicosmetics

#newvideo #live on #YouTube about the photo from the Toni & Guy students! Check it out!

This week I stumbled across a photo on Facebook that was posted by a Toni & Guy student in reference to having to straighten African American natural hair. There were three Caucasian appearing students working on the woman’s hair and it seemed like a typical photo taken of students at work.

The caption of the photo, which was posted on Instagram stated basically that they would “never straighten pubic hair” again.

Statistics have shown that natural hair and the natural hair movement has skyrocketed not just in the African American community but in all ethnicities. The movement started a few years ago of which I was a part of along with several other significant bloggers and YouTube gurus. Natural Hair and Natural Products are advertised all over TV and in print.

Needless to say, I was still shocked to see the comment on the photo because you would think that with the visibility of the natural hair community, stylists in particular would be absorbing the knowledge of working with it while in school… Especially a prestigious school like Toni & Guy.

Check out the video and let me know your thoughts in the comments!


I wish Sia would have kept β€˜Diamonds” for herself she sounds amazinngggg on it