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I posted 2 new videos on YouTube! One is for my line dancing class #SmoothCoolChapter2 and one is a collective #haul of some things I’ve picked up over the past few months! Check it out!

#SmoothCoolChapter2 -

#Haul -

A new #linedance video is up! #smoothcoolchapter2

Today was a good day! Spent most of the day planning out dance class for the next month! So excited that it’s growing! Cleaned up a bit and now I’m filming and editing a couple videos for the week! Nothing interesting to blog about tonight!


"No I’m not alone even though nothing was the same…" 🎧❀️

Well I’m here guys! At least my nails are cute. Lol

Not bad for a #wcw 😍❀️#selfie #game #strong

Just realized I double “e“‘d! #AmrezyGiveaway I always do that!!! πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚ #cantspell #butimcute

So excited for @amrezy ‘s #AmreezyGiveaway !!!! Check her out for deets! 😍❀️😘

This is from @nastygal too! Also on sale! My man loves me in a good skater skirt! 😍❀️😘 #nastygal #girlboss #fashion