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The New Hair Age?

I remember the not so abstracted past
where women made weekly trips to
the beauty supply store and the beauty
shop for a new weave. This process has
been replaced with a new fad that has no
signs of slowing down… The Virgin Hair

I was a cynic early in the game. How
can you buy hair online and know you’re
getting Grade A? You won’t ever know.
But most of us rely on reviews a la YouTube
and Instagram to guide us toward reputable
sellers. Companies like HairEverywhere rely
heavily on marketing via YouTube and Instagram
for business. The customers they generate in
that way are more likely to return and recommend
If they’re satisfied with the product. Needless to say
I was one of those that bought into the hype and
took a chance and purchased from HairEverywhere and
ditched my monthly All-in-One for virgin hair and I haven’t looked

Have you? Do you have a preference of Virgin Hair companies? Let me know
in the comments!

Got my #stars today! Did you? #Starbucks ❤️☕️

It’s #transformationtuesday and on the blog today I’m discussing the change from beauty supply store hair to virgin hair! Check out the video on YT ( as well and chime in! #hashtagsforlikes

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